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How to Wash a Black Car? – 7 Steps to Remember

Written by Howell Crist / Fact checked by Sam Howard

how to wash a black car

Black cars create an impression of sophistication and portray confidence. It represents strength and class and can make any car look luxurious in the sun, especially when finely polished.

The negative side is that black cars are more prone to dust accumulation, and the slightest blemishes show. It can easily look older than it is if not properly taken care of. To avoid this, here are some ways on how to wash a black car:

What to Prepare

If you want to properly wash a black car on your own, start off by preparing the following:

  • Black car wash kit
  • Quality Car Wax
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Foam gun
  • Foam concentrate
  • Cleaning Brush
  • High-quality car wash detergent
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 wash mitts
  • 2 grit guards
  • Clay bar
  • Pressure washer (with 40-degree nozzle)

Washing a black car can be tricky. To get it done without scratching it, follow these procedures on how to properly wash a black car:

If the weather is cold, you can proceed with washing your car out in the open. However, if you intend to wash your car in the hot summer without showing swirl marks, park it under a shade and avoid sunlight.

Step 1: Cover the car in foam

Add a few inches of foam and some water. Spray the foam all over your car, leaving no area untouched. When covering your car with foam, make sure you include the wheels and tires.

Step 2: Set the foam aside for a few minutes


Leave the foam on the car’s surface for up to 10 minutes on a cold day.

If the temperature is hot, rinse the foam faster, as leaving the foam on for around 5 – 7 minutes will work. Foam can dry quickly in warm weather, resulting in foam drying on your car’s paint.

Step 3: Rinse the foam with a pressure washer


Spray the nozzle at a 45-degree angle to wash your car. Avoid getting too close or too direct to the car’s paintwork, as high-pressure water can damage it.

However, you can get closer to your wheels because they are usually covered in brake dust and road dirt, which can be challenging to remove.

Keep spraying until all the foam is washed from your car exterior.

Step 4: Hand wash your car using two bucket method

Ideally, the dust should have been removed after using a pressure washer, and it is now safe to begin hand washing.

You can accomplish this by using the two-bucket method, as it is the standard way to wash a black truck or car. The first bucket is for washing, and the second is for rinsing.

The following are the steps to take:

  • Fill both buckets with water after putting the grit guards in the bottom.
  • Fill one bucket with car wash soap and leave the other bucket as it is for rinsing.
  • In the wash bucket, wet your wash mitt and apply it to the surface.

To do so withoutswirl marks, use straight strokes rather than circular strokes when washing. Make sure to wash your entire car, rinsing it after each section. Do not allow soap and water to dry on the paint.

  • To remove extra stains, use a clay bar. You can lubricate the clay bar and use finger pressure to avoid damaging or scraping the car’s surface.
  • Rinse your wash mitt in the rinse bucket before dipping it in the wash bucket as it becomes dirty. The goal is to reduce the possibility of dirt particles embedding in your wash mitt. The grit guard also helps trap large dirt particles, keeping your wash mitt clean.

Make sure to wash your entire car this way and rinse it as you complete each section. Do not allow soapy water to dry on the paint.

Step 5: Wash down the wheels using the other wash mitt and wheel cleaning brush


Use a dedicated wash mitt for wheels as it can get more contaminated with dust and grime.

Step 6: Wipe the car dry on straight strokes


Hand dry a black car with a microfiber cloth to ensure proper drying. Because moisture can cause watermarks, you must work quickly and carefully.

When doing so, avoid making circular motions and replace your microfiber cloth when it becomes saturated. Once the car has been completely dried, open the doors and boot to ensure no moisture has been trapped.

Now that you’re done with black car cleaning and drying, you can now apply wax. You are not required to apply wax every time you clean your car. Only do this when necessary.

Step 7: Apply wax

The final step is to finish it by applying wax to avoid leaving scratches on your black car after car wash.

There are three types of car wax: liquid, paste, and spray. When deciding what kind of wax to use, keep the condition of your vehicle in mind.

  • Spray wax is recommended for cars with a good finish. Spray wax can quickly wear out and is not recommended if you want a long-lasting finish.
  • For older vehicles, liquid wax is ideal as it is best for cleaning. Liquid waxes are more challenging to apply and buff out evenly.
  • Lastly, paste waxes are the most convenient but can be challenging to remove.

It is a necessary product to care for a black car, therefore keep the following in mind before applying wax:

  • Apply wax in the shade or a garage. Car wax works best at a cool temperature, and working in an enclosed area can prevent contaminants from sticking to the surface.
  • Then, make sure that the surface is free from contaminants.
  • Applying wax in parts and ensuring it doesn’t sit for too long are the best practices. You can start on the front fender panel and then the front side. Then, go around the vehicle section by section.
  • Unlike washing and drying, use small circular motions to apply the wax. To ensure that the entire area is covered, applying the small circular motions in a row is advisable.
  • Use a fresh set of microfiber cloths to remove wax. Do not use those that were intended for cleaning and drying.
  • You can use a soft brush when applying wax for smaller details or difficult-to-reach areas.



Do you need special products to wash a black car?

If you want to clean your car at home, you need to invest in buying the proper materials. Consider your car needs, the condition, and of course, the color.

To wash and wax a black car, it is recommended to choose special products available that do not damage its paint.

In detail, consider factors such as PH balance, paint protection, enhanced gloss, and chemicals that easily remove stains.

Are black cars hard to wash?

Yes. Black cars are hard to keep clean and are more complex to wash than other colors since, as mentioned, they are more prone to visible scratches, swirl marks, water marks, dust, grime, and other spots. Black absorbs heat quickly, and while washing, soap or other chemicals being applied can dry rapidly and can lead to marks.

Why does my black car look dirty after washing?

Colored cars are harder to wash since spots and scratches are more visible than white or light-colored ones. Black is the darkest color; therefore, after going through a car wash, scratches will be noticeable. There are several factors that could lead to this, such as the following:

  • Dirty wash mitts or brushes
  • Water spots from dried impurities
  • Dried soap or not enough soap

To avoid these, you must be cautious about cleaning and drying your black car section by section and ensuring that your cleaning materials are free from impurities. The best ways on how to prevent this are mentioned in the procedures above.


To avoid scratches on your black car after car wash, it is still advisable to leave it to professional service since they have the proper equipment and experience to wash and wax a car properly.

But if you have experience and decided to do it at home, keep in mind that you should use the proper materials and carefully consider the procedures on how to wash a black car shown above.

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