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How to Clean Touch Screen in Car Without Scratching It?

Written by Howell Crist / Fact checked by Sam Howard

how to clean touch screen in car

How to clean touch screen in car? It seems like an intimidating task, but it needs to be done!

Your display can collect a lot of dirt and dust, which can lead to a less than pleasant experience for drivers and passengers. It’s not just harder to operate – it becomes more dangerous to use too. In fact, touching high-contact surfaces like your car display can increase your risk of catching a cold or other nasty illness.

How often do you clean your car’s touch screen, then? While you might get your interior vacuumed once every two weeks, car touch screens need more regular cleaning. Just like humans need a shower, touch screens need cleaning every day! Read on to know how.

What to Prepare to Clean Your Car Touchscreen


It doesn’t have to take long. Start by getting a few household supplies ready:

  • Microfiber cloth – This helps keep you from scratching your screen.
  • Distilled water – You don’t need a pricey touchscreen cleaner. Just get yourself a small bottle of this.
  • Distilled vinegar – Keep this handy, just in case.

Step 1: Turn Everything Off


Begin by turning off your car engine along with the display. This step helps ensure a safer and easier clean.

Other than risking damage to your car radio screen, keeping it on could make it harder for you to see just how much dirt is on specific parts of your screen.

If it’s too dim in your car, ask a friend or family member to hold a flashlight. Just make sure everything else is off before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Use Your Cleaning Supplies


With your car and navigation screen turned off, prepare some distilled water in a shallow bowl or add it to a spray bottle. Dip or spray your cloth with the liquid and gently squeeze.

You need to make sure it’s not soaked too much. If it is, some could get into your touch screen’s internal parts and cause a short circuit when you turn your engine back on.

Once your cloth is slightly damp, gently hold it against your screen.

Then, let it glide against your display in upward and downward motions; it’s the best way to ensure you don’t leave scratches.

Step 3: Clean the stubborn marks


If after a few strokes, you still have stains and fingerprints on the car touchscreen, try a different way.

You don’t need to cover it with alcohol or wipe it with special cleaning wipes. Just take a little distilled white vinegar and mix it with distilled water.

Make sure to wipe the surface gently until the stains are gone.



What should I clean my car’s touch screen with?

While you can get a cleaner for car LCD screen from the store, you can save money by using more affordable solutions.

You can always clean the infotainment screen with what you already have in your kitchen: distilled water or even distilled vinegar.

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How do you keep fingerprints off car touch screens?

Make sure your fingers are clean before touching your display.

In an SUV or crossover vehicle where family members can ride, it’s not just your own fingerprints that you worry about. You also worry about the fingerprints of other people who ride with you.

Let’s say you have one of those family cars sold by Honda, you can ask kids to wipe chocolate or any sticky food from their hands before entering your vehicle. This is just one way to maintain a clean Honda touch screen.

Why won’t the fingerprints come off?

If you’re dealing with residue from an old car touch screen coating, cleaning can take you longer. You might have to rub it up and down a few more times to get it thoroughly cleaned. But you have to remember to do it slowly.

How do I prevent it from not working after cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning iTouch screen or computer touch screen, many gadget owners run into a common problem: their screen isn’t working anymore after cleaning. This could be a result of excess water, so one thing you can do is make sure your cloth isn’t too moist before using it to clean your

Should I be using alcohol as a cleaner for car LCD screen?

Alcohol can be too strong for your delicate touchscreen display; so it’s probably not the best choice as a car infotainment screen cleaner. You don’t want to use it on a device that’s expensive and can easily get destroyed.

Let’s say you want a clean Tesla screen – replacement parts for a car like this can be extremely expensive. So you don’t want to be reckless and use harsh solutions.

A mild and affordable car screen cleaner you can use is distilled water.


Remember, cleaning your high-tech car touch screen doesn’t have to be high-cost. And when you clean fingerprints off car screen, no matter how stubborn they are, always be gentle and use non-abrasive cleaner.

What good is a clean touch screen monitor if it’s damaged? Do regular cleaning to avoid stubborn markings that cause you to apply too much force.

It should be quick and easy now that you know how to clean touch screen in car!

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