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How to Clean Car Windows Without Streaks? (100% Succeeded)

Written by Howell Crist / Fact checked by Sam Howard

how to clean car windows without streaks

Imagine having a sparkling car body with smudges of dried mud and dust that are still on your car windows! That is a total disaster! It is like a guy wearing stained white long sleeves in a perfect black tuxedo! It ruins everything.

So, if you want to parade your car and impress others with streak free car windows, then this article is best for you. Learn how to clean car windows without streaks with different methods below.

What to Prepare to Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

You need some pieces of lint-free towels or microfiber cloth, a water-repellent spray, and a suitable cleaning solution. For cleaner, you have two options to choose from:

Option 1: Get a glass cleaning solution


If you want a clean windshield without streaks, it is best to invest in your glass cleaner solution for washing car windows. Remember the following when you purchase one:

  • Non-fragrant formulas are better than fragrant ones. It is because the fragrant cleaner contains chemicals that can be harmful to your windows in the long run.
  • Do not choose ammonia-based solutions. Aside from the fact that they produce a strong odor that can be harmful to your health, they can also damage car parts that are made of vinyl, leather, or rubber.
  • The best solution is not always the most expensive one. There are cheaper products in the market but they still give you the best result.
  • Furthermore, streak-free Glass window cleaner, though pricey, is the best thing to clean dirty car glass windows.

However, if your budget is tight, the best way to get rid of streaks on car windows is to make a homemade car window cleaner. You can save a few bucks and spend it on more important things. Besides, the ingredients are just around your kitchen.

Option 2: Make Homemade Glass Cleaners


Materials to prepare:

  • Rubbing Alcohol 100 ml
  • Distilled Water 100 ml
  • Clean basin
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Tablespoon
  • Funnel
  • Empty Bottle
  • Wooden ladle

What to Do:

  • In a clean basin, pour 100 ml of rubbing alcohol and distilled water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to the mixture.
  • Mix the rubbing alcohol and distilled water with vinegar by using the ladle.
  • Using the funnel, fill the spray bottle with the mixed solution.
  • Pour the remaining solution into the empty bottle for future use.

See? As easy as these and you are ready washing car windows with your own homemade glass window cleaner.

Helpful Tips Before You Clean Your Car’s Glass Windows


  • Park your car in a clean and spacious place where you can move freely.
  • When it is too windy outside, it is best to postpone window cleaning since strong winds can carry dust and dirt.
  • Do not clean your car’s windows directly under the heat of the sun. It quickly dries up the solution, thus leaving streaks.
  • Avoid soap. Soap tends to leave more streaks.
  • Never use a paper towel or tissue. They leave a bunch of lint and smudges on the glass.

Let us start cleaning car windows without streaks! Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Directly spray the solution on stubborn stains and let it set in for minutes to soften its hold.
  • Step 2: Spray a portion of the window with a glass cleaning solution. Do it in sections because if you spray all at once, the solution dries as you work slowly on the other side. This leaves unsightly spots on the glass.
  • Step 3: Wipe it from top to bottom to ensure that you have covered the liquid drips on the glass panes.
  • Step 4: If streaks on car windows won’t come off, give it more time. Put more pressure on wiping the area of the stubborn stain before doing the top to bottom cloth wiping or swiping of the streak-free glass cleaner.
  • Step 5: Once done with the wiping of microfiber cloth or the streak-free window glass cleaner, take another clean microfiber cloth. This time, buff it up to achieve that sparkly shine.
  • Step 6: Once the exterior windows are done, move to the inside. Make sure you thoroughly wash the inside of car windows without staining the car interiors.

Instead of directly spraying the solution on the window, you can spray it on another microfiber cloth before wiping it in top to bottom direction. This prevents your interior cushion or fabric from being wet.

  • Step 7: To achieve that perfect look here is an optional step to achieving vehicle windows with no streaks. Apply a sealant or water repellant. It repels water and makes the next window cleaning easier since it prevents stubborn stains.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should you clean your car windows?

If something in your car windows obstructs your vision or when it is already blurry looking in and out from them, it is definitely time to clean it with Windex or any glass cleaner solutions. You can even use your homemade cleaner and wipe the car windows once a month.

What is the best stuff to clean car windows with?

Everything that I have presented in this article is the best thing to clean car windows with! You can rely on various cleaners, including:

  • Mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol
  • Streak-free glass cleaner
  • Cleaner formulated for automobile

What do car detailers use to clean windows?

Professionals use ammonia-free cleaners for washing the windows to prevent discoloration and cracks in interior leather fabric. They also choose alcohol-free cleaning solutions for the same reason.

In terms of trust-worthy brands, here’re some common products you will see at the detailing shops:

  • Invisible Glass cleaners
  • Chemical Guys signature series glass cleaner
  • Meguiar’s perfect clarity glass cleaner

Why do my car windows always streak when I clean them?

The materials and solutions you used are not ideal for car window cleaning. You may have also cleaned them under the heat of the sun which may cause solutions to dry easily, leaving smudges on the glass.


You have just gained brilliant information to achieve those sparkling, clear car glass windows without streaking marks. You can show off in your dazzling tuxedo inside your car and people will still see you crystal clear! Just follow the steps on how to clean car windows without streaks and do it with wits!

The steps are easy and doable! It just takes hard work and knowledge to achieve the glass look you only dream of! So, share this knowledge on Reddit, Pinterest, and other social media sites to cascade this wonderful way of cleaning car windows, streak-free!

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