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How to Clean a Car Windshield Inside in 5 Easy to Do Steps

Written by Howell Crist / Fact checked by Sam Howard

how to clean a car windshield inside

Car windshield provides clear vision to the driver, preventing unanticipated accidents on the road. It also offers a protective covering that safeguards the passengers and the inside of the car from outside factors such as debris, dust, smoke, rain, wind, and insects. As a result, the interior car windows eventually become dirty.

When attempting to clean the inside of a car windshield, car owners failed to distinguish whether they were using the right tools or doing the procedures correctly. You’re on the right track since this article covers the general step-by-step tutorial on how to clean a car windshield inside.

Step-by-Step Guide


It takes only a few minutes to clean the inside of the windshield. A handful of low-cost materials are all you need, excluding chemicals and other traditional cleaning materials. Now, prepare the following products and tools listed below so you can get started straight away.

What to prepare

  • Distilled water
  • White vinegar
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Newspapers
  • Magic eraser sponge (or any generic melamine foam sponge)
  • Microfiber cloth (folded into fourths)
  • Essential oil (optional)

1. Create a Solution Using a Vinegar, Alcohol, and Water Mixture


Pour the following ingredients into a clean spray bottle: 1 cup of distilled water, 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar, and 1⁄4 cup of isopropyl alcohol. Shake the produced mixture in the bottle gently for a better cleaning solution outcome.

You may also consider checking these other recommended solution options for alternatives:

  • a cup of water and a cup of vinegar
  • 2 cups of distilled water, ½ cup of vinegar, and 10 drops of essential oil

With vinegar, this homemade cleaning solution will surely outperform any other standard cleaning agent. So ensure that it is blended properly with the other ingredients.

2. Lay Newspapers over the Dashboard

Don’t get too excited just yet. Before you can start to clean the interior windshield of your automobile, initially cover the car dashboard and other areas near the windshield with some newspapers.

This simple action will keep the homemade solution from causing harm to the surface of other materials within the vehicle. Never underestimate the importance of this minor step; it will prevent you from facing different troubles in the future.

3. Spray the Solution on the Magic Eraser Sponge


Ready your magic eraser sponge or any generic melamine foam sponge available and spray the homemade solution on it. This step will serve as a pre-wipe stage to degrease the interior windshield.

Squeeze the sponge thoroughly to eliminate extra liquid to prevent soaking it too much in the solution.

Now you’re all set to clean the dirty windshield inside with a magic eraser.

First, wipe down the first half of the interior windshield horizontally and then follow it with vertical strokes afterward. Scrub all of the spots, even the tightest ones.

Repeat the procedure on the opposite side. The number of passes depends on how filthy the windshield is.

4. Spray the Solution on the Microfiber Cloth


Next, prepare your microfiber cloth by folding it into fourths and carefully spray the homemade solution onto it. To minimize glass damage on your automobile, never spray the solution directly on the inner windshield, like in the previous step above.

Scrub the interior windshield firmly in the same manner you did previously with a magic eraser. Make sure to clean inside car windows efficiently before moving to the next step.

5. Dry the Windshield Using a New Microfiber Cloth


Give the inner windshield of your vehicle a nice, final wipe. Switch to a new, dry, and clean microfiber cloth immediately to leave your car windshield without streaks at the end of the process.

Make sure that you will fully dry the interior windshield by wiping it gently in one direction using the microfiber cloth. If needed, don’t hesitate to flip the cloth or change it into another one.

Then expect that the interior car windows will be shiny after this last step.

Can I Use Windex to Clean the Inside of My Windshield?


The answer is a big YES. Windex can be used in cleaning the inside of the windshield of your car.

Many automobile owners are hesitant to use Windex since the active chemical compounds of it are thought to be hazardous to the interior car windows. However, there’s no scientific proof that it causes problems when utilized in cleaning the dirty windshield inside.

If you prefer to use Windex, follow the same procedures above and you’ll get the same amazing results without streaks.

Important Reminders

  • It is strongly advisable to initially wash and clean the entire car before you start to clean the interior windshield.
  • Avoid moving your automobile in a sunny, hot area. Clean your windshield under a shade for faster cleaning and to avoid glass damage.
  • When cleaning the inner windshield, never do it in circular motions. Following this will result in a windshield without streaks.
  • Clean the inside of the windshield on a regular basis to prevent formation stains and streaks.


That concludes the guide on how to clean a car windshield inside. Doing the steps aforementioned above will leave your windshield sparking clean and without streaks.

Always keep in mind that the windshield is a car feature designed to ensure your safety and others around you, so be a responsible car owner by not neglecting your automobile’s windshield. Starting today, remember to clean the inner windshield in the best way to avoid unwanted smearing that disturbs you from enjoying your road trip.

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