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Only professionals should be entrusted with car maintenance. With our experience, we can provide information and guidance on how to care for your car from the time you buy it until the day you sell it. What are the best waxes, coats, and shampoos? What are the best car detailing services? What should you do to increase the resale value of the car? We’ve got your back.

Why should you trust us ?

Proven excellence

Our core team has more than 15 years of experience providing specialist auto treatment. Our founder’s experiences and expertise serve as the basis for our comprehensive guide and helpful recommendations.


Who are We


Howell Crist

Howell Crist is our guru. He is the owner of a local auto repair and service for cars. As a result of his 15 years of practical experience, he is an expert in his field. He created the site to spread knowledge to car owners who do not have access to reliable car service advice. As a car enthusiast, he knows car maintenance is of significant importance. 


Sam Howard

Our chief editor is Sam Howard. The vast market of car care necessitates extensive research. He entered the market, experienced the service, and reported customer feedback in order to provide the best advice and content to car owners. We have faith in him to turn our website into a reliable resource for all car owners.